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The end is near

I am going to attempt to start posting to this again. I am currently madly trying to get several projects finished. There are only about two weeks of school left, though, then exams, then graduation! Sheer madness.
I am happily back at school, and out of class for the day... I do have to work tonight, but other than that I'm pretty much home free. I heated up some French onion soup for lunch today. It was pretty tasty, but I fear it was not enough for Jacob's large, manly appetite... Sorry dear! Now I need to go clean dishes, I suppose. Bleargh.

I stole this from my cousin...

English Genius
You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 86% Expert! You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog: http://shortredhead78.blogspot.com/.

Tomorrow I am going back to Sewanee! Huzzah! Christmas break has been nice, but I am beyond ready to get back. It's time for me to get back to my friends and back to work. I am planning on getting as far along in the way of packing as I can, so that I can get off early in the morning.

Wasting time...

I am currently wasting time doing choose your own adventure stories on CouncilofElrond.com. It is suprisingly fun, believe it or not. It is really amazing the depths that one can fall to.

I need to find a summer job, or maybe an internship.
It's amazing how much more frequently I post on these sort of things and write in my journal and such when I am doing nothing and therefore have nothing to say. I guess the boredom just leads me to do something, anything, I can find to do. Except for productive things, of course. Those I tend to avoid at all costs no matter what.

I baked some bread today. My mom and I got home an hour after the rising period was over, and so my bread is very flat. It still tastes alright though, suprisingly enough. My mother comforted me by saying that it is a pretty difficult bread to make anyway, and that I should have started with something different. Oh well. It'll be good.

Another reason I am looking forward to getting back to Sewanee: I am sick to death of listening to my dad talk about politics all the time. I don't care about politics, I have never cared about politics and I don't see myself taking much of an interest in it any time soon. I just don't understand why anyone would want to pursue with such fervor something that makes them so intensely upset and angry as politics makes my father.  Perhaps I am just too laid-back to enjoy something like politics.


You know something that is really boring, yet necessary? Cleaning out one's email inbox. I am currently going through some of the later emails in my college e-mail inbox. It is really rather incredible how those things stack up. What happens is that there will be a day when I don't get around to checking my e-mail for some reason. I get my usual fifteen or so e-mails per day, most of which do not apply to me and of which, almost never is one addressed personally to me. The next day, I have around fifteen more on top of that. Suddenly, I have thirty unread e-mails. I am having a busy or stressful day, so I decide I don't want to bother with all of those e-mails right then. I might read one or two that seems relevant, but the rest I just leave alone. By the time I finally do get around to checking all of these e-mails, there are so many that I just look at the past couple of days and ignore all of these old ones. Then, there finally comes a time when I have to go back and deal with all of these e-mails. I'm still not entirely caught up. There are several stretches at random intervals where there will be vast quantities of unread e-mails, months old, mocking me from the new message counter in my inbox. (The current counter is 596, and slowly but surely decreasing as I make my painfully slow way through my mailbox. Ick.

Five hundred and ninety-six new messages, and 1006 total. Dear goodness. It could be worse though. Jacob's inbox is even more of a nightmare than mine is, believe it or not. It made me feel better about the mess mine is. I would like to get mine a bit more tidy, though. Maybe I'll clean out a couple thousand messages from Jacob's for Valentine's Day. Would you like that, dear? Keep in mind, I am in no way promising anything.

At some point I really should try to tackle my Yahoo inbox... That one will probably be even worse. I got started on it tonight, too, but it is very slow work as well. At least with the Sewanee emails you can usually tell within a few lines if it is important or not... I could probably do this more quickly, but I like to be careful.

Look! I got a livejournal!

That's right, everyone, I finally got a livejournal! Don't look for too many of these posts, because I never keep up with these things, but anyway, here it is!

Jacob was at my house to visit for a few days, definately one of the highlights of my Christmas break- I love you Jacob!! ^_^ It was wonderful to see you.

Now I am at Sarah's... the other highlight of my break. We're going to Virago tonight, so that should be fun.

I'm thirsty, I need to go get some water. Maybe I'll post again sometime!



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